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How a Killer Video Can Kickstart Your Marketing Campaign

In need of a stellar marketing campaign to really rev things up for your brand?  Video marketing can be a key piece of that.

Why Video For Your Marketing Campaign? 

Video is a valuable storytelling tool.  It can help tell your brand’s story in a way that photos and text aren’t able to.  If you really want to start your marketing campaigns off with a bang and capture your audience’s attention, start with a brand video.

Video offers flexibility that other mediums do not. Video incorporates audio, visual, and movement all in one. Music and dialogue can complement and enhance what is happening on the screen.  If you have a lot to say, want to convey emotions, or want to make sure your message is as clear as possible, you should kick your marketing efforts off with an impactful video.

Types of Video Marketing 

You might be wondering how video can work for your brand, or what type of video would be most effective.  Luckily, there are a number of different types of brand videos you can use in successful marketing campaigns. Below are just a couple examples of video marketing you might want to consider.

First, testimonial videos could work really well. Social proof has been proven time and time again to be an effective way to sell goods. Potential customers like hearing from current customers and learning about their actual experiences with a product or service. If you can find customers who are willing to share their experiences on screen, you can put together compelling testimonial videos. These can be very persuasive in convincing potential customers to take the leap.

You may also want to create how-to videos or step-by-step tutorials as part of your video marketing plan. Customers don’t just want to know about the attributes of what you’re selling: They want to know how, and why, to use it. Tutorial videos can provide information, and also prove to viewers how useful, or cool, or impressive your product can be.

There are plenty of other types of brand videos to consider as well.  You can shoot lifestyle content featuring your product or service, behind-the-scenes footage of your company or brand at work, or inside looks at the production process.

How To Get Started 

So you now know a little bit about why video marketing is valuable, and some types of videos you may want to incorporate.  What’s next?  You need to find a great videographer who has experience with video marketing! Make sure their vision aligns with yours, and that they understand your brand and the goals you are trying to accomplish.

If you’re looking for a videographer in St. Louis to help your brand with all their videography needs, reach out to Piper Media Group today!  Our veteran-owned video production company can create a video strategy for you that attracts attention with intention.  You’ll be rolling with a killer video marketing strategy in no time!

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