Corporate Event Videos

Welcome to our Event Coverage page – the spot where we spill the secrets on how we turn your events into unforgettable stories. We’re not just about filming; we’re all about capturing the heart and soul of your corporate gatherings through killer event videos.

So, What’s the Deal with Event Videos?

At Piper Media Group, we’re not here to just hit the record button at events; we’re here to create an experience. Our Event Coverage page is like a mini-movie collection, starring your corporate moments and turning them into something you’ll want to watch on repeat.

Getting Cozy with Corporate Event Videos

Dive into our Corporate Event Videos, where we put the spotlight on the awesome vibes of corporate get-togethers. Each video is our way of saying, “Hey, check out this fantastic event!” Immerse yourself in the corporate scene through our lens, and see how we spice up the storytelling game.

Cooking up Greatness in Corporate Video Production

When it comes to making videos that stand out, we’re not about cookie-cutter. Our approach to corporate video production is all about crafting content that’s as unique as your event. The Event Coverage page is like a sneak peek into how we turn your corporate gatherings into stories that pop.

Highlight Reel: Event Videos in Action

Imagine a mix of professionalism and creativity seamlessly woven into every frame of our event videos. The Event Coverage page is like a backstage pass, showcasing key moments that define corporate events. From product launches to team-building bashes, our videos capture the vibe and keep it alive for everyone to see.

Seeing Corporate Event Videos in the Wild

As you scroll through our Corporate Event Videos, it’s like flipping through a highlight reel of awesome events we’ve covered. Small shindigs, big conferences – you name it, we’ve got a video that brings the event to life. It’s our way of showing off the variety of events we’re ready to jazz up with our video magic.

The Lowdown on Corporate Video Production

Our take on corporate video production is more than a service – it’s an art we’ve mastered. The Event Coverage page spills the beans on how we mix professionalism with a dash of creativity and a whole lot of technical wizardry. Every video we produce is like a high-five to our commitment to delivering content that goes above and beyond.

Take a stroll through our Event Coverage page – it’s where storytelling meets video production, and your events get the star treatment. Feel the impact, catch the energy, and consider Piper Media Group your partner in turning your corporate gatherings into unforgettable visual tales.

Truck Centers Inc

When Truck Centers Inc reached out to Piper Media Group to film the unveiling of their Vietnam Memorial we were more than happy to help them capture the moment and show appreciate to those who lost their lives and the veterans who are with us today.

Casino Night in West County – the Wild Wild West Casino

What is ‘casino night’, you might ask?

It’s the perfect event to bring your staff, favorite clients, family, or friends to. It’s elegant, professional, well organized and great fun in both the Augusta Room and Banquet Center at the beautiful Wildwood Hotel.

Tickets include dinner, dessert, drinks, $10,000 gaming money for amazing huge prizes! Gaming tables are real casino-grade tables with professional dealers – all fun of course, so if you are not a gambler, no worries!  

We have Craps, Blackjack, Poker, and Roulette. The dealers make it fun because it’s just for fun!  You turn your ‘chips’ into tickets – then drop your tickets into whatever HUGE prize you would like to win while enjoying the afterparty atmosphere.