If you have a major event coming up, you won’t want to forget a moment of it. With an event video, you can preserve the memories forever. Whether it’s a conference, presentation, gala, or trade show, let an event videographer capture the magic of the day for you.

What Is An Event Video? 

An event video is just what it sounds like: A video captured by a professional that shows off the highlights and special moments of a major event. It serves as a great way to remember the day, it shows off the most important moments, it captures the essence of the event, and it lets you share them with people who weren’t there to experience it first hand.

What Events Could Use An Event Video? 

As you’re planning an event, you may ask yourself: Should I hire someone to capture my event?  The answer is almost always yes.  Event videography is great for all different kinds of events.  You can capture great corporate videos at places like trade shows and conferences.  You can also get brand-boosting videos created from events like galas, fundraisers, meetings, or retreats. Any event that has to do with your brand is a great opportunity for an event videographer to create a masterpiece for you.

Benefits of Event Video

So is it really worth it to hire a videographer?  What are the benefits of event videography?

In short, the biggest benefits is brand building through video.  The corporate videos you capture at events can provide great footage for future marketing campaigns.  They can solidify your brand’s positioning and help you show the world who your brand is and what you’re all about. Event videos are exciting and often more personal than other types of corporate videography.  The authentic footage will resonate with potential customers and help you strengthen your brand.

Who Can Film My Event Video? 

When it comes to filming your event, not just anyone can do it well. You’ll want to hire a professional event videographer to make sure your event is really shown in the best possible light. Look for someone who has experience with corporate videos, and ideally someone who understands your brand ethos and the goals you are trying to accomplish.

We hope the above has made it clear that event videos have extraordinary value.  If you’re looking for event videography in St. Louis, be sure to check out Piper Media Group. We have tons of corporate video experience and can help tell your brand’s story through video.

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